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remote control demolition with robotic demolition machines

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Top Tec  Specialise in the manufacture of remote controlled robotic demolition machines, Top Tec  credits its success to over 25 years of experience in this field. This is due to the founding of its sister company Schweden Maschinen GmbH in l970.

Top Tec, motivated by the response from its customers,  has strived to build quality machines to meet the stringent demands of different market sectors. The machines are commonly found in the specialist branches of steel plants, the nuclear industry, cement plants, demolition contractors etc. Top Tec also manufactures tailor made units to meet specific needs.

In the past, competitors’ remote controlled demolition machines have been expensive and unreliable. Top Tec was established to produce machines that were safe, strong and reliable. The company owes its success to continuing research and development of its products, ensuring that they meet with the latest safety regulations and are of the highest possible quality.



TopTec 1850E
The TopTec 1850E robot was the first machine to be built by Top Tec. The prototype was exhibited in 1999 at the GIF/METEC fair in Düsseldorf, Germany. Orders placed on the stand at the fair forced production to begin straight away.

The concept and total design of the machine is produced in-house at Top Tec and the manufacture is subcontracted out to specialist companies. The complete production of the machine is done in Germany thus ensuring the quality of the workmanship and parts used as well as reliability.

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TopTec 5500
The TopTec 5500 robot was built due to the phenomenal success of the 1850E. This machine was designed to be the strongest and most robust demolition machine produced world-wide.

The 5500 can carry hydraulic breakers up to 1000kg in weight and is able to lift 1.3 tonnes. Other advantages have been modelled on the 1850E and include load holding valves for the boom, track width adjustment, adjustable outriggers, single lifting eye for crane transportation, earth fault relay, emergency operation mode and radio remote control amongst others.

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TopTec Showcase

Remote control robotic demolition machines with custom tools for versatility in demolition projects.
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